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Child Custody and Support Newsletters

Allocation of Child Tax Exemptions for Divorced Parents

In establishing custody and child support, a court has authority to allocate the tax exemption for children of divorced parents. The tax exemption may also be negotiated and agreed upon by the parties.

Child Support Modification for Changed Circumstances

Where there is a change in circumstances of the child or of either parent, a modification of the amount of child support may be requested and will be granted where appropriate.

Effect of Adoption on Non-Parent Visitation

When a child is adopted, he or she becomes a part of the new adoptive family. As a result, the child’s ties to his or her old, natural or biological family are ended. If visitation rights had been granted to a nonparent, usually a grandparent, before the adoption, most courts would not permit continuation of the visitation. However, if the child is adopted by a stepparent, some courts would continue the visitation by the nonparent, if it is in the child’s best interests.

Joint Legal Custody Awards

“Joint legal custody” means that both parents share the right and the responsibility to make the decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child.

Modification of Custody Based on Preference of Child

As a child grows older and begins making decisions affecting his or her own life, a child might decide that he or she wants to go live with the “other” parent. Whether the court approves the move depends on the age and maturity of the child, the reason, for the move, and the ability of the parent to care for the child.