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Marietta Child Support Attorney Fights for Fairness

Experienced Georgia family lawyer works to ensure children’s financial welfare

Parents may have conflicts with each other, but that shouldn’t overshadow the need for both of them to provide the most supportive environment possible for their children. At The Law Offices of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C., we represent parties on both sides of child support issues. Whether you are divorcing or were never married, our Marietta attorney will work toward a child support resolution that works for your family. And, if you have an existing child support order that needs to be enforced or modified, we’re here to assist with those processes, too.

How is child support calculated in Georgia?

Georgia’s child support guidelines help judges calculate the presumptive amount of child support that should be awarded to the custodial parent. Both parents are required to provide full disclosure of their income and other relevant financial information to aid the court in determining that amount. However, courts can deviate from the presumptive amount, if necessary, based on:

  • The best interests of the child or children
  • The circumstances of each parent
  • The grounds for deviation
  • State policy, which seeks to ensure that children of unmarried parents enjoy the same economic standard of living as children in intact families

Factors that go into the calculation of child support include both parents’ gross incomes, healthcare expenses, childcare expenses, and other factors. Whether you and your child’s other parent can agree on a support amount, we will ensure the court has accurate financial information.

Filing for child support

A parent seeking child support must enter the relevant information into Georgia’s online child support calculator. You will need to create an account. After you sign up and fill out the online calculator, a printable version of your worksheet will be generated. This is what you should print out and file with the court.

If you are seeking a divorce, whether contested or uncontested, both parents will be required to complete the calculation process. If you retain our firm to represent you in your divorce, we will address the child support issue as part of your case. If you were not married to the other parent and need help completing the child support worksheet, we can assist you. We know that the state system can be cumbersome and difficult to understand, so our experienced lawyer’s advice and guidance can help move things forward efficiently.

Atlanta-area lawyer assists with child support modifications

If your circumstances or your ex’s have substantially changed since the original child support order, you can petition the court for a medication. Georgia courts may allow a child support modification in these situations:

  • If a parent has had a substantial change of financial circumstances, such as job loss
  • If the divorce decree did not provide for child support at the time it was finalized
  • If you are already undergoing a child custody modification proceeding
  • If a clerical error exists in the original child support order

A parent’s changing financial circumstances are by far the most common reason for seeking a change to child support. Most often, a parent has lost a job or gotten a new job that pays much more or much less. Our family law office handles modification petitions and all related issues for clients throughout the greater Atlanta metro area.

Contact an experienced Georgia child support attorney

No matter what child support issue you’re facing, The Law Offices of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. is prepared to help. Our Marietta firm represents clients throughout the Atlanta metro area. To schedule a meeting with our lawyer, please call 888-532-8543 or contact us online. We have flexible hours and offer an initial consultation at a reduced rate.