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Marietta Attorney Upholds Your Parental Rights Regarding Child Custody & Child Support Matters

Firm advocacy of fair child support throughout Cobb County

In Georgia, the courts consider a number of factors when determining what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Though joint legal and physical custody is usually preferable, each family is unique. At The Law Offices of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C., we advocate zealously for the custody arrangement that is best suited to your child’s health and happiness. We also work to ensure a fair child support arrangement. Though the state guidelines form the foundation of any support order, affluent families may require an in-depth inventory of financial assets to determine true income, and may have additional lifestyle considerations, including private school tuition and the costs of enrichment activities. Families with special needs children often require detailed scrutiny of those conditions before arriving at a reasonable assessment of costs. Attorney Daryl L. Kidd brings more than three decades of experience to child custody and child support dispute resolution.

Our full-service law firm supports you as your legal needs change

While we are determined to offer lasting solutions, we recognize that your needs will change over time. We provide unwavering service wherever you are in the process:

  • Pre-divorce services — We effectively advise you and negotiate or litigate to obtain a fair settlement or court order.
  • Post-divorce enforcement — If your ex has not lived up to the terms of your divorce decree, you have the right to seek enforcement in court. Parents who interfere with the other parent’s custody or visitation might be guilty of parental alienation, which, though not a crime in Georgia, may be grounds for changing a custody order. If child support payments are delinquent, the judge may find that the obligor parent is in contempt of court. The court has enforcement remedies available, ranging from garnishment of wages to jail time.
  • Post-divorce modification — When a parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances, the court may consider changing the custody or support order. The change may be an economic reversal, such as unemployment or a business failure, that prevents the obligor parent from making payments. The change may be in the child’s circumstances, such as poor health, increasing the expenses of caring for that child.

Special child custody issues in the Metro Atlanta area

In our Marietta family law practice, we often see child custody issues outside of the divorce context. These include:

  • Stepparent adoption — When widows, widowers or divorcees form blended families, they often wish to develop closer emotional — and legal — bonds between the stepchildren and the stepparents. Stepparent adoption is possible provided the child’s other parent is deceased or is willing to terminate parental rights.
  • Grandparent adoption — Grandparents may want to obtain custody of their grandchildren when parents become incapacitated and are unable to care for them. They may wish to make the arrangement permanent if the incapacity seems to be permanent, or if the parents are deceased.
  • Paternity actions — A father may want to establish paternity to obtain custody or visitation of a child, or a mother may wish it to receive child support payments from the father or to terminate the father’s parental rights prior to an adoption.

Contact a concerned Marietta attorney for child custody and support disputes in Cobb County

The Law Offices of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to child custody and support disputes throughout the Metro Atlanta area. If you’re concerned about your parental rights and your child’s welfare, call our Marietta office at 888-532-8543 or contact us online. We offer a reduced rate for initial consultations and have flexible office hours during the week to accommodate your schedule.