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The Law Office of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. serves Marietta, Atlanta & surrounding areas

As a Marietta divorce lawyer, Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. is an attorney with the right combination of legal intellect and human empathy needed in family law. Family lawyers in Cobb County sometimes approach marriage dissolution with an us-versus-them mentality, which can be more destructive than constructive for most families and individuals. Instead, the law office of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. works with clients to achieve settlement terms and other outcomes that will prove workable over the long term.

Nearly three decades as a matrimonial lawyer in Cobb County

Since beginning his career in the 1980s as a divorce lawyer in Marietta, Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. has developed his skills as a zealous advocate for clients. This has come through continuing legal study that enables him to be among the best Cobb County family law attorneys. Kidd understands the latest strategies and case law, working with adversarial family lawyers in Cobb County and elsewhere in whichever separation or divorce paths the situation requires:

Mediation–This is an alternative to a full trial litigation, where a third-party, the mediator, helps guide divorcing spouses through division of assets, child custody and support and other issues. The mediator does not render a decision.

Arbitration–This is similar to mediation, except the third party, the arbitrator (sometimes a panel of arbitrators), can render decisions. Because the arbitrator can streamline the divorce process without lengthy delays more typical of litigation, arbitration is more efficient than a court process.

Litigation–When disputes cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration, a full-court legal challenge before a judge may be necessary. This typically is a costlier and more time-consuming process. The judge may ask for a late case evaluation, which employs the use of a mediator to assess and advise on how the case will likely proceed through full litigation.

Daryl L. Kidd is trained and experienced in each of these functions, and has served as a Guardian ad Litem, which involves advocating for children in contested cases. Many a divorce lawyer in Cobb County has worked with him as he has served in this court-appointed function often—and in the most difficult cases.

Led by one of the best matrimonial lawyers in Cobb County, the firm has had great success in using each of the separation and divorce tools over many years. Kidd and his staff approach each client and each family as individuals with unique challenges, issues, history and future concerns. With a full understanding of the family and economic dynamics they face, the firm works to finesse the best and most workable terms possible for the foreseeable future.

Most important, Daryl L. Kidd treats clients with respect and dignity during a time when emotions run high and the implications—financial, and the well-being of children—are great. Marietta divorce lawyers have not historically approached it this way, but Kidd is among the Cobb County family lawyers who choose instead to advocate for family-friendly solutions.

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